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This Tutorial based on having full Admin access to your forum or community


Admin - Members - member groups - manage member group 


In here first have list current Groups below that is box called Create a new User Group then select from drop down menu.


Just select one like and click create then have full set of settings


Group Settings 


Group Title : Call this what need

Group Icon Image : This if have icon image

Group Formatting Prefix : <span style='color:red'> this example change it to what color need.

Group Formatting Suffix : </span> this example.




Use an existing permission set : This ideal if like use current one listed.

--OR-- Create a new permission set

Hide this group from member list : Tick Yes or No

Force this group to be anonymous ? : Tick Yes or No


Display Name


Display name change  : This setting is like allow change name.


Access Control


Is Super Moderator : Tick Yes or No "only need do this if like them be Mod forum"

Can Access Admin CP ? Tick Yes or No "only need do this if like them be Admin"


Group Promotion 


This only need done if like group settings on promotion.


Then go over other tabs click add group.